Case Study : Remote Site Technologies


They are a cutting-edge remote site solutions provider, specializing in innovative technologies that connect and optimize remote workspaces. Our comprehensive suite of services empowers businesses to seamlessly bridge the digital divide, fostering efficient collaboration and productivity in distributed work environments. 

Services Offered

  • Backlink Building
  • Increase Domain Authority
  • Local Service Ads

Client Background

Our client, a dynamic industry player, sought a comprehensive digital strategy to fortify its online presence. With a keen focus on Link Building, we executed a targeted campaign securing a 25% increase in high-quality backlinks, elevating the client’s authority in its niche. Aligning this with Domain Authority Growth, our strategy encompassed technical SEO enhancements, content optimization, and user experience improvements, resulting in a significant 30% growth in domain authority. Simultaneously, our implementation of Local Service Ads achieved a substantial 40% increase in local visibility, driving targeted traffic, and contributing to a 25% surge in lead generation. These combined efforts solidified the client’s online standing, establishing industry authority and fostering business growth.

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The Challenges

Our client encountered substantial hurdles in establishing online authority, expanding local visibility, and acquiring high-quality backlinks to fortify its domain authority. In the digital landscape, where competition is fierce and visibility is paramount, these challenges posed significant barriers to our client’s growth and success. With online authority serving as a cornerstone for credibility and trust, and local visibility essential for connecting with target audiences, our client’s struggle was not merely about standing out but also about solidifying its presence in a competitive market. Moreover, the quest for high-quality backlinks was crucial for bolstering domain authority, enhancing the website’s credibility, and improving its ranking in search engine results, all vital components in achieving sustained online success.


The implementation of Local Service Ads resulted in a substantial 40% increase in local visibility, driving targeted traffic and contributing to a 25% surge in lead generation. Simultaneously, the focus on domain authority growth proved highly successful, with Client realizing a significant 30% increase. This propelled the company into a position of authority within its industry, subsequently generating a 20% boost in organic traffic and a noteworthy 25% increase in brand recognition.

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Local Service Ads Increased
0 %
Domain Authority Growth​
0 %
Brand Recognition Increased
0 %

How did we do this?

In a strategic overhaul of our client’s online presence, we delved into three key areas: Local Service Ads, Domain Authority Growth, and Link Building. For Local Service Ads, we harnessed the power of geotargeting, tailoring content to resonate with local audiences. The result? A 25% surge in lead generation and a noteworthy 20% improvement in conversion rates, as reflected in key performance indicators like a 40% increase in local visibility.

Simultaneously, our focus on Domain Authority Growth involved technical SEO enhancements and content optimization, propelling a remarkable 30% increase in domain authority. This translated into a 20% surge in organic traffic and a commendable 25% boost in brand recognition. In the realm of Link Building, our targeted campaign secured a 25% increase in high-quality backlinks, while emphasizing source diversification led to a 15% improvement in organic search rankings and heightened online visibility.

These comprehensive strategies showcase our commitment to a tailored approach, resulting in substantial improvements in crucial performance metrics and an overall triumphant outcome for our client.

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